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Schools and Colleges Program at Cognivoo

At Cognivoo, we recognize that schools and colleges are pivotal environments for shaping the futures of young minds. Our Schools and Colleges Program is meticulously designed to address the multifaceted needs of students, educators, and educational institutions by delivering a range of specialized services that foster both educational and personal growth. This initiative extends to several educational institutions, aiming to transform them into robust ecosystems of learning and well-being.

Program Features

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Program Features


Medical Services - "Sehat-o-Taleem Sath Sath"

Understanding the critical link between health and education, we offer comprehensive medical check-ups, including ENT, dental, and eye examinations directly at school premises. Our team of healthcare professionals ensures early diagnosis and intervention, promoting better health outcomes for students.


Nutritional Services - School Nutrition Service (SNS)

Aligned with global standards, our SNS program introduces a variety of nutritious food options that enhance physical and mental development essential for academic success. This initiative not only addresses malnutrition and related growth concerns but also educates students on making healthier food choices.


Psychological Services - "Sab Keh do"

With a focus on mental health, our counseling and psychotherapy services are tailored to the unique challenges faced by students. From managing stress and anxiety to addressing learning disabilities and behavioral issues, our team provides confidential and professional support.


Personal Development - "Aqaabi Rooh"

This segment is dedicated to enhancing students' communication skills, confidence, assertiveness, and overall emotional resilience. Through workshops and short courses, we prepare students to face real-world challenges with greater competence and self-awareness.


Teacher Training - "Tum ho Kal Ka Chiragh

Our teacher training programs are crafted to enhance educators' understanding of emotional and psychological student needs. By equipping teachers with skills in Applied Behavioral Analysis and counseling, we enable them to create more supportive and effective learning environments.

cognivoo logoPartnering Institutions

Currently, our program is active in several pioneering educational institutions that share our vision of holistic education:

  • City Montessori School, Islamabad: Implementing full-spectrum health and personal development programs.
  • Modern High College, Rawalpindi: A focus on nutritional support and medical services to enhance student health.
  • Pioneer Junior College, Chakwal: Integrating psychological services and teacher training to foster a supportive educational atmosphere.
cognivoo logoImpact and Vision

The Schools and Colleges Program has already seen significant positive outcomes, including improved student attendance due to better health, enhanced academic performance through nutritional support, and greater emotional stability from our counseling initiatives. By continuing to partner with educational institutions across the region, we aim to create environments where students can thrive both academically and personally.

Join Us

We invite more schools and colleges to join this transformative journey and partner with us. By integrating our comprehensive services, educational institutions can significantly enhance their students' overall well-being and academic performance, preparing them for successful futures. Let’s work together to turn challenges into opportunities and pave the way for a healthier, more enlightened generation.